Floor Striping - Sealing - Buffing - Polishing

Active Clean Services offers the full range of cleaning services and that includes treatment of hard floors Striping, Sealing, Buffing and Polishing.
Our service is ideal for preparing and maintaining all types of hard floors including:


Marble Floors
Stone Floors
Vinyl and Laminate floors
Terrazzo Floors







Active Clean Services is able to inspect the floors and to best advise you on the process of your floor polishing and the regularity it needs to be done to keep it shiny.

We use non-slipp polish so even though the floor is polishind it will not be slippery. This is a must for a working envirnoment and where clients and customers will be walking on the polished floors.

Active Clean can service your property on regular basis or as a one off. Active Clean prices are affordable and our services are reliable.

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